Field Force Automation

uCdlogi solves biggest challenge in field force automation by developing a simple, but usable, user interface for the hand held device or smartphone. User interface is data oriented and provides right data at the right time at any location.

uCdlogi is a mobile data collection and sharing platform. We believe that businesses large and small can benefit from eliminating inefficiencies in the data collection and sharing process. Our logistics solution offers true remote office experience for field service employees. They can use mobile phone to collect field data and present various information to end customer.

We can radically transform your business by improving the way your employees connect and share their data.

Platform works both as thin client or as a thick client depending on the network architecture and device capabilities. Synchronization with central server is performed automatically or manually through mobile network.

Invoices can be created, sent or printed remotely. Picture reports can be created and uploaded to central server.

uCdlogi enables customers to complete more work with the same level of resources, and helps management to make more informed decisions due to better insight into field force operations.