MCD offers advanced solutions in remote measuring and control. Our solutions are installed and working reliably in various locations.

Connecting your machines and devices back to the enterprise brings you the benefits of remote access and control of your assets – wherever they are.

Enhance your business by

  • Driving down your operating costs
  • Improving your efficiency — through faster decision making
  • Generating new revenue models and value-added services
  • Having complete visibility and control of your assets

Our centralized system can monitor and control entire sites, or complexes of systems spread out over large areas. Most control actions are performed automatically by RTUs or by PLCs. Operators can control the process through advanced Human Machine Interface.

Customized mobile applications we developed for data acquisition and processing can collect information from various analog and digital measurement devices. These applications are ideal solution for large systems that need some automation of user data collection (for example reading values of water or heat meters). Our applications works as integral part of telemetry system and speed up data collecting dramatically. This solution for data acquisition is highly cost effective because it uses standard Android based devices.

Each event and process parameter are saved in MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

System is versatile and can be adapted to any type of communication protocol or end device.

Whether you are a first time user, transitioning from fixed line to wireless, looking for a new wireless service provider with global connectivity or have developed a new M2M wireless product, our expertise is at your disposal.

We currently supply and support customers in:

  • Retail — Point-of-Sale and ATM
  • Automotive — Fleet & freight management, vehicle tracking
  • Asset Management — Vending machines, photo booths
  • Utilities — Automated Meter Reading
  • Environmental — climate control, temperature
  • Healthcare — remote blood pressure, glucose meter reporting
  • Security & Surveillance — video streaming, CCTV

For more information or demonstration of features please schedule a call.